World Gold Analyst (2017 version) is a new, independent gold equity evaluation service. It is specifically designed to aid fund managers in making informed investment decisions.

World Gold Analyst is solely subscriber-funded. Therefore, you can rely on an independent and unbiased view of featured companies’ prospects and investment merits.

At a time when the MiFID II regulations are changing the landscape for delivery of research in the UK and Europe, World Gold Analyst offers a fully transparent way of paying for and receiving research.

These are the companies that World Gold Analyst is currently covering or will be covering in the near future.

CompanyReport status
Atlantic GoldComing Q4 2017
Corvus GoldUpdating with new resource. Meeting with management on 7 November
Dacian GoldComing Q4 2017
Dalradian ResourcesUpdate after meeting with management on 9 November
Granada GoldComing Q2 2018
Gold Road Resources>Updating
Hummingbird ResourcesComing Q1 2018
Kefi MineralsComing Q1 2018
Lundin GoldComing Q1 2018
Lydian InternationalComing Q1 2018
Liberty GoldComing Q2 2018
IDM MiningComing Q4 2017
Newcastle GoldCombination with Trek Mining announced to form Equinox Gold. Coming Q4 2017
Pershing GoldComing Q1 2018
Pure GoldComing Q2 2018
Sabina Gold & SilverUpdating
TMAC ResourcesComing Q4 2017
Treasury MetalsComing Q1 2018
Trek MiningCombination with Newcastle Gold announced to form Equinox Gold. Coming Q4 2017
Victoria GoldUpdating with latest drill results
West African ResourcesUpdating with new resources
West Kirkland MiningComing Q2 2018

For details of World Gold Analyst licence fees,
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