Independent, Mining Investment Analysis

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Piran Mining Research was specifically set up to offer a screening service to funds and corporate investors looking to build a portfolio of significant investments in the gold sector. In addition, we produce independent research on gold companies and the industry, as well as the popular series of Special Reports on exploration and development in particular regions of the world under the banner of World Gold Analyst

The company is run from London by Paul Burton, who has been in the gold industry for over 40 years, principally as a mining engineer, a mining analyst and editor of the gold investment publication, World Gold Analyst

Paul Burton on investing in gold, interview with IG in London, July 2016


Piran Mining Research

  • Run by a mining engineer with 40 years’ experience in industry
  • Buy-and-sell-side experience; deep market knowledge
  • Regulated and authorised by the FCA for equity research

Mining investment services

  • Bespoke screening and evaluation of mining investments
  • Aimed at funds and corporate investors looking to invest in the mining sector.
  • Technical and financial analysis

Equity research

  • Commissioned research reports for micro- and small-cap mining companies
  • LSE, TSX or ASX
  • Worldwide distribution with focus on UK and Europe

World Gold Analyst

  • Regional exploration and development reports
  • Detailed reports on selected mining companies
  • Distributed free to institutional investors